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10 Days tour Digging up Jewish Heritage in Morocco

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Feel the magic of Morocco through this 11day trip, which starts and ends in Casablanca including the most famous cities in the kingdom, through which you can discover the ancient monuments and the traditional lifestyle in a country that is rapidly adapting to the modern world.


Starting and finishing point:  Your Riad or Hotel.

Tour’s Highlights:

Casablanca : Commonly known as Casa, is the largest city in Morocco. Located on the Atlantic coast about 80 km south of Rabat, It is the economic capital of the country. This modern but authentic city attracts fewer tourists than the other famous destinations like Fez or Marrakech. Yet it is full of incredible icons which it would be a shame to miss. It is a must for business and leisure tourism with its golf course, traditional Hammams, piano bars, cafes and nightclubs.


Marrakesh : Marrakech, the city of tales and land of wonders that inspires all those who visit it; and leaves overwhelming impact inside them, it offers them a unique sensation of time-traveling since it has an incredible mix between history and modernity, its Old Medina is nothing less than a precious piece; with narrow alleys all painted in light-red and craft shops decorated with colorful carpets, curtains, and internally filled up with rare traditional art works, as you wonder in its corners you get pleased by smells of the freshly baked bread or a variety of delicious dishes when you come close to a restaurant, the permanent smile in people faces over there will definitely make your day and will give a lesson that simplicity is priceless and happiness is absolute.


Essaouira : Megador formerly; is a peaceful city settles southern Morocco and a special destination for surfers and Kite runners and also Filmmakers who find in her beach what cannot be found somewhere else, it is here exactly where scenes of “Othello” were taken and where “Jimmy Hendrix” filmed the clip video of his song “”Castles made of Sands”.
She also contains a number of historical landmarks, which are 3 centuries old.


Fez city : is one of the most well-known Moroccan cities, it is considered to be the second largest city in the Moroccan Kingdom with a population of 1.1. The city was founded in 789 by Idriss I who made of it the capital of the Idrisid state, and is now divided into three parts, the larger of which is Fes el Bali, recognized as a World Heritage Site, the Fes Jedid and the Ville Nouvelle which is built under the French colonial period.


Meknes : The name Meknes is derived from the Berber word Meknassa that refers to the name of the founding tribe of the city. Designated as UNESCO world heritage in 1996 and it is one of the four imperial cities of Morocco.
Between 1672 and 1727, during the reign of Moulay Ismail, Meknes becomes the capital of Morocco. Few years later, and during the French presence in Morocco, between 1912 and 1956, the city has nicknamed “Versailles du Maroc” and “petit Paris”, therefore reflects the eternal beauty of its architecture.


Volubilis : Built a few years before our era, Volubilis was conquered in the 1st century by the Romans who make of it a true ancient city.
Today, the grandeur and the setting of this site as well as the beauty of the mosaics make these Roman ruins among the most beautiful in world. Located to the west of the massif of Zerhoun on the edge of Oued Khoumane, Volubilis is inscribed on the World Heritage of Unesco.


Ait Ben Haddou : is an unraveling example of traditional southern Moroccan architecture, a number of building some are like small castles; surrounded by fortified walls gathered together in a hill creating a breathtaking view of traditional pre-Saharan habitat. Some of the buildings date back to the seventeenth century.


Tinghir : settles in the center of one of the most beautiful oases southern Morocco with lush palm grove that extends for about 30km following the Wadi Todgha.


Merzouga:is so popular among local and foreign visitors, they come here to discover it srich cultural background,and enjoy the more than 20km-high dunes.
The favorite activities of vacationers coming here is definitely riding a camel-back on dunes and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes around them, and why not use the opportunity to watch the exquisite sunset beyond those massive dunes.


Day 1 : Casablanca arrival and Jewish Heritage discovery

Once you arrive Mohammed V airport of Casablanca, your personal driver will be already there waiting for you, met with him and get inboard one of our comfy air-conditioned car and set out for your spiritual journey.


First you will dig up the Jewish history here in Casablanca, starting by the Jewish Synagogue of Temple Beth-El, in addition to spiritual reasons the unique impressive design and artistic elements this Synagogue made of attracts tourists from all over the world.


If you opt to and have time to spare there will be also a visit to two other temples in Casablanca those are Em Habanim and Neve Chalom, before you transmitted to your accommodation to unwind and relax, and get ready for your adventure next day.

Day 2 : Casablanca Jewish Heritage discovery (Part 2) then Drive to Rabat

Following breakfast join your tour guide and make your way for the Museum of Moroccan Judaism in Casablanca the first ever made of its kind in the Arab World, it contains a priceless assortment of religious, artistic and ethnographic objects that perfectly demonstrates the Jews’ religion and history, and bear witness their traditions and daily life in Morocco.


Then you will continue to the Mellah quarter making your way into the narrow streets over there till you reach The Jewish Cemetery, quiet and open and beautifully designed with stones that still perfectly keep verses in French, Hebrew, and Spanish language.


Pay a visit to the Hassan ll Mosque with magical views overlooking Casablanca and from there on to the modern New town of Casablanca.


At the end of this expedition in Casablanca you will leave for Rabat where to spend the night.

Day 3 : Rabat Jewish Heritage Discovery and drive to Fez

After having breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up and start you Rabat Jewish heritage sightseeing tour.


Rabat is the capital of Morocco and one of the most important and beautiful cities in the kingdom.


You will start by making a walk through the large and narrow passes of the Old Medina.


Pay a visit to the picturesque Kasbah, the Chellah, and the Musee Mohammed VI d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Morocco’s first large scale museum built since Morocco gained its independence.


The second half of this day you will leave Rabat for Fez, on your way you will first make a stop at the imperial city of Meknes “the Moroccan Versailles” this city has become a capital under the reign of Sultan Moulay Ismail and also is a UNESCO World Heritage Center.


Make your way to the Jewish Quarter that is nothing less than a splendid assortment of treasures and cultural elements with labyrinthine lanes and colorful courtyards.


Visit the tomb of Rabbi David Benmidan where some Hebraic epitaphs and Greek inscriptions dating back to the Christian era are perfectly preserved.


Just outside the Medina you will be able to visit the gate of Bab El Mansour, Dar Jamai Palace, the Royal Stables, the tomb of Moulay Ismail, and Talmud Torah Syngagoue.


Continuing your drive till the Roman City of Volubilis where we will make the ancient Roman civilization come alive again.


This UNESCO World Heritage Site will offer you an opportunity to enjoy a perfect blend of cultural heritage and picturesque scenery.


The grandeur and the setting of this site as well as the beauty of the not-well preserved mosaics make these Roman ruins among the most beautiful in world.


Once your Volubilis expedition is done, you will be directly transmitted to Fez for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 4 : Guided tour in Fez

We cannot talk about discovering the Jewish heritage in Morocco without including Fez city where most of Jews used to live and been for years the shelter of Rabbi Isaac Alfasi one of the most influential scholars during the history.


In this journey will start by visiting the major attractions outside the old Medina such as The Mellah or Jewish Quarter and from there to the Royal Palace, and on to the ruins of the monumental Tombs (Marinid Tombs) above and north of Fez which are believed to date from the 14th century and offer and incredible view over the entire Medina.


Then we go inside the old Medina through one of its multiple huge gates; very often The gate of Rcif (Bab Rcif), just a few step from inside this gate you will be confronted by the iconic university of AL-Qarawiyyin the oldest existing, continually operating higher educational institution in the world according to UNESCO and Guinness World Records, and on to the Bouanania Madrasa and the magnificent Moulay Idriss Mausoleum.


Then we make a visit to one of the biggest tannery passing by the Foundouk of Nejjarine (a museum that combines a variety of wooden arts).


Then on through the street of big Talaa passing by many interesting attractions and monuments till the gate of Boujloud (Bab Boujloud); just for the record Bab means gate in Arabic, near to Bab boujloud we find museum of Batha that also worth a visit.


In the evening, enjoy dinner at your hotel (in Fez).

Day 5 : Fez to Merzouga Via Ifran and Midelt

Following breakfast, your personal driver will pick you up in you accommodation and straight to Merzouga.


On your way you will have a stop at Ifran the former capital city of the Jewish kingdom where plenty of synagogues are settled.


From Ifran we leave for Midelt and on to Erfoud, after arriving there you will be transferred to get inboard a four wheel car, this is your chance to watch the splendid sunset panorama.


About 45 min driving from Erfoud settles Merzouga, here you will be transmitted to your camp where to have dinner and spend the night under the stars.

Day 6 : Merzouga to Ouarzazate via Erfoud/Tillit/Kelaat Megouna

Today, it is going to be better if you rise with dawn to watch the exquisite sunrise in the desert (optional).


Before we you get packed up and then hit the road to Ouarzazat, in our way you will have a stop at Todra which is famous by its massive steep rocky walls and Gorges through it, you will be having a free time to explore these canyons and have lunch at a local restaurant above those hills.


Dades Valley is another beautiful site that will take you breath out befor we reach Tinghir and visit the od-fashioned and colorful Jewish quarter.


Next you have a stop at Kelaat Megouna famed by the roses’ annual festival, not far from Kellat Megouna you will reach the castle of Tillit which is known as the city of the Jews of Dades and that had been ruled by the Spanish-Jewish family of Perez for about a century.


Afterwards, pay a visit to Sekoura Valley a UNESCO World Heritage before you eventually arrive Ouerzazat for overnight stay.

Day 7 : Ouarzazat to Marrakesh Via the zig-zag pass of Tiz N Tichka

Today our expedition is dedicated to visit Ouarzazat and some of the surroundings, Ouarzazat or the Hollywood of Africa contains film studios that are known to be the largest of its kind in the world.


Although many of our travelers choose to skip this in their wish-to-do list, the Kasbah of taouriret is undoubtedly still worth a visit, it is a town that was once owned by the Glawi family, one of the most known and influential families in Moroccan history and the ultimate power of this family still perfectly reflected through this great Kasbah (The family’ House), the fortune of this family is gained from the levies collected from the camel trains charged of gold, spices and slaves coming from Mali and heading for Marrakech markets.


Continuing to Ait ben haddou, this UNESCO World Heritage is for sure one of the most prominent attraction that you are going to visit in this journey, it is a town surrounded by walls and protected by big Kasbahs, it is used to be occupied by the most wealthy and powerful families, Ait ben Haddou is also a spot where numerous blockbuster movies and series were made, most importantly, Gladiator and Game of Thrones.


After leaving Ait Ben Haddou there will be a stop by the Talouet Kasbah and from there via the challenging twisted Tiz n Tichka pass of the High Mounatins, eventually to reach Marrakech, if you are lucky you will still have time to make a quick visit to the famous Jamaa El-Fanaa square before you enjoy dinner in your accommodation.

Day 8 : Guided Visit of Marrakesh

Just after breakfast, we will start creating memories in this Red city aided by your guided tour who will meet you in your accommodation.


Start by discovering the Old Medina which is nothing less than a precious piece of art; with narrow alleys; all painted in light-red, and craft shops that attract attention from afar by colorful carpets and curtains on the wall, and internally is filled up with rare traditional art works.

As you wander in the corners of the Medina you get pleased by the smells of the freshly baked bread or a variety of delicious dishes when you come close to a restaurant, the permanent smile in people faces over there will definitely make your day and make you to grasp in mind the fact that simplicity is priceless and happiness is absolute.


Through the labyrinthine streets of the Old medina you will make your way to the Mellah or Jewish quarter and then to Rabbi Hanania Hacohen cemetery, the tomb of Rabbi Mordekhai Ben Attar and Rabbi Pinhas Hacohen Azough who is also known as “Patron of Marrakech”.


Just few step outside the Medina you find the widely famous Jamaa El-fanae Square where you can find everything you may think about…Food, shows, shops…the square is lively almost day and night, by morning it is occupied by story-tellers and show-men and at night full of foods and musicians who come from different Moroccan regions to show up their art here and create a very civilized picture of Morocco’s rich culture.


Just in front of Jamaa El-fanae settles the historic mosque of El-Koutoubya another icon that deserves a visit with beautiful monuments and inscriptions that goes back to the Middle century …


The incredible Majorelle Garden and the Bahia Palace are also not to be missed.


Spend the night in Marrakesh.

Day 9 : Free Day in Marrakech Or excursion to Essaouira

Today schedule your Marrakesh sightseeing as you wish. You may choose to stay in Marrakesh and know more about this astonishing city


You may want to enjoy a wonderful excursion to Essaouira, which is one of the most astonishing coastal towns in Morocco, and a perfect choice for those who are looking for relaxing and peace, this beautiful area has always been attractive for artists and celebrities from all over the world like the hippies in the 1960’s, Jimmie Hendrix and Cat Stevens.

There are a number of historical attractions that you will discover here, including the picturesque Medina (Old Town) which is now a world heritage site according to the UNESCO, where you will take a stroll exploring its souks with their various handcrafts, colored carpet, original art and more..

Visit The Simon Attias Synagogue, which is built in 1882, the Galeries Frederic Damgaard and Ben Youssef mosque.

Once the trip ends drive back to Marrakesh where you will be spending the night.

Day 10 : Menara airport of Marrakesh Transfer

Your adventure in Morocco will be coming to an end today, we wish you had great time and made every single second in your holyday fruitful through this itinerary.


So following breakfast your private driver will escort you to the Menara airport of Marrakech and wishyou a safe and comfy flight.

Day11: Transfer to airport

Our private driver will pick you up and dropping at the airport.

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